Who we are and what we do.

Welcome to Not Your Boyfriend Productions. There is a place where you can go to turn any idea into a movie, and it’s right here. Founded in 2020, in Los Angeles CA, Not Your Boyfriend Productions is a platform easily accessible to artists, creators and anyone with the desire to create by providing state of the art equipment, professional instruction and assistance, and most importantly, a team that believes in your vision. We are an inclusive company, beginners and experts, we’ve got you covered.

NYB Productions provides Film Industry services to the public. We offer Film Making, Music Videos, Commercials, Reels for actors, Photography and Event Videography using state of the art Cinema Cameras.

Our services have been booked for weddings, birthday parties, gender reveal parties, baby showers, and much more. We can set up everything from directing, editing, writing and casting. Whatever you can think of, we got it. We produce Youtube videos and social media content, there is no limit.

While providing many services, Not Your Boyfriend Productions shares stories with our supporters and the world through the art of filmmaking. We hope to inspire people to create and to celebrate their own unique creativity. One movie at a time.